Saturday, March 6, 2010

Car shopping

Today I bought my second used vehicle. I was successful at getting exactly what I wanted. I got the lower interest rate, the 48 months instead of the 60, got all the quirks fixed free of charge, got way more money for my trade-in than they originally were willing to give me, got my new car payment lower than my old the car I was hoping to get at exactly the price I wanted. I wheeled and dealed and fought a good fight. I'm proud of myself today for sticking to my guns and making those car salesmen make the numbers work time and time again until I was satisfied. This car buying thing isn't so bad if you're willing to keep walking away until they're begging you to come back. It might have been just a small victory, but it was a cost effective one, one I'm going to be able to carry with me for the entire time I own this vehicle. Yeah, I'm feeling like today was a good day!

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