Saturday, March 6, 2010

I walked out into the garage today to check on my husband and he'd left the radio on. Broadcasting for just me to hear was a story about a so-called "motherhood manifsto"... the woman was confident and articulate and it caught my attention immediately, particularly because I'm pregnant. Turns out there's this great grassroots movement called Moms Rising that has a website at: and they're fighting to change the policies regarding maternity and paternity leave in this country. I didn't realize that the united states is one of only 4 countries in the world that don't offer a paid leave for new moms... there's lots more that they're trying to change and it's a bandwagon I'm eager to jump up on! Given my own discontent with maternity leave at my place of employment, I'm all for trying to help change things for anyone else who comes along and wants to have a child and who will ultimately be faced with the incredible challenge of not having paid time off to recover and bond with their little one. Check out their website, they've got great things to say and lots of ways you educate yourself and get involved!

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