Monday, March 7, 2011

Dominating the Week

Being as busy as I am makes it necessary for me to put a little extra work in so we can have home-cooked meals each night. I take most of the day on Sunday to make the meals we'll eat all week, or at least get them to a place of preparation so they can be tossed in the oven to cook.
I always feel a huge sense of accomplishment by getting my meals prepped. It gives me great satisfaction to know I'm still able to take the time to prepare our meals because sharing food I have made is still one of my favorite ways to show how much I love the people in my life. I know my husband appreciates a home-cooked meal, and I know it means we're eating healthy (as long as we're not eating too much!)
It gives me an opportunity too, this Sunday event of mass multi-tasking, to feel the fulfillment I typically get out of being in my kitchen, with my apron on, cutting, mixing, and tasting away. Everyone wins when I take time to do something I love to do!
Also- it's great to start out my week knowing I have that huge responsibility off of my plate and I can focus on spending some quality time with my son before he goes to bed, and with my husband before I dive into my grad school work. I've dominated my week already, have you?

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  1. This is something I'm hoping to get better at. Do you mind sharing some of your meal ideas? :)


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