Thursday, March 17, 2011

Embracing Positive Feedback

In this day of electronic communication, we have a unique opportunity to capture some of the positive feedback we get- in writing. As an employee who strives to be innovative, creative and hard-working, when I get positive feedback, I hang on to it! I have an email folder entitled "Yay Me!" which contains all emails telling me that I've done a good job or show an appreciation for work or collaborative efforts that have paid off favorably. I have every variety of positive feedback readily available for me to review on a day where perhaps the negative outshines the positive.
I encourage everyone to keep a "yay me" file of their own, if for no other reason to literally acknowledge the fact that someone in your life has recognized your hard work, your dedication, your victories, whatever they may be. It's important to feel validated from time to time, and this is a great way to boost yourself up! I also review these little gems before a difficult meeting, project, encounter- whatever. It helps me to feel the confidence others have in me, so that I can in turn have it in myself. So, don't be afraid to relish those moments of appreciation and recognition, they're fuel for your fire to continue to do well, or pick yourself up after you fall. It's how we can continue to stay motivated in life.
It's also worth noting that you should share your appreciation for others' work with them. It takes no time at all to recognize people in your life and tell them they're good at what they do, or offer some tidbit of inspiration. You never know when your words are the ones keeping someone going...

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